About Us

CareerDevs is a year-long, full-stack program for students looking to kickstart their careers in computer science. We are committed to the belief that an education worth our students time is one that teaches students the powerful skills needed to thrive in today’s economy without incurring the crushing student debts affecting Americans today.

CareerDevs students graduate with an in-depth understanding of and practical experience with a smorgasbord of the most in-demand technologies in the job market today including C#, Python, JavaScript, Java, C, SQL, object-oriented programming, functional programming, Node.js, React, Redux, React Native, HTML and CSS. Beyond these specific technologies, CareerDevs also trains students to be resourceful problem-solvers by approaching problems as computer scientists. We don’t just train you what you need to know; we train you how to think, setting you up for a lifetime of success beyond the CareerDevs classroom.

Teaching people powerful things.

CareerDevs teaches its students a wide array of in-demand skills including web development, software development, algorithmic thinking and problem solving and soft skills. We empower students to empower themselves and each other to become skilled workers and thinkers who are adept across a wide variety of technologies, working styles and problems. CareerDevs enables workers to enter new jobs with the ability to not just succeed, but thrive.

Learn in a supported, collaborative environment.

CareerDevs classrooms are teacher-led but integrate real-world practices such as Agile methodologies.  During your final semester, you can hone your software developer focus by working on capstone projects in the areas of AI, Machine Learning Big Data, Dev Ops or SDET.  Students utilze pair coding and mob programming just like developers do in real world companies.  Learning to rely less on your instructors and more on yourself as well as each other to solve problems, inculcates a culture of self-learning and empowerment backed up by teachers who don’t tell you the answer to problems, but guide you in figuring how how to answer and to solve complex problems.

Head into the workforce; not debt.

Going to school shouldn’t mean going into crushing amounts of debt.  CareerDevs requires NO up front payment.  Nothing.  You only pay after you graduate and ONLY after you land a job that pays you over $50,000 per year.

Discover your full potential.

CareerDevs Computer Science & Entrepreneurship School is NOT a coding bootcamp.  CareerDevs is a rigorous, 12-month immersion into the world of full-stack software development, coding and computer science.  You will transform the way you think and the way that you see the world.  The most important thing that you will see differently is YOU. Discover your power.  Did we mention that you don’t have to pay anything up front.

Ready for the next step?

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