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Be Part of the Solution, Not the Problem

Why Diversity Initiatives Fail

The topic of Diversity and inclusion is not lacking in empirical nor academic research, yet despite this fact, very little progress is made.

CareerDevs Computer Science Institute is doing its part to make it easy, viable, and sustainable for companies to find, interview, and hire great software engineering and tech talent.  While there is a shortage of software engineering and  STEM talent, world-wide, finding people of color, skilled in this field is even rarer.  We are changing that

CareerDevs is an American melting pot of high caliber software engineering talent. 30% of our students are people of color, and 40% are women.

100% of our graduates are job-ready and great corporate culture fits, on day one.  Our software engineering educational process is as rigorous as it is successful.  95% of our graduates land a job within 1 to 3 months of graduating.

Not only do CareerDevs graduates have a reputation for excellence in the fields of computer science and technology, but they learn a ton about soft-skills, emotional intelligence, and having a growth mindset.

The secret to succeeding with Diversity and Inclusion

CareerDevs is designed to provide a world-class education to adults who are in low-wage job fields, such as retail, the restaurant industry, used car sales, coffee and tea shops, blue-collar fields, etc.

Most technology schools have admission policies that target the best academic performers.  While academic performance has its merits, it can never be a pathway for people who have tremendous talent, yet never excelled academically for one reason or another.

The current education system is failing millions of Americans, especially people of color.

Our program is designed to INSPIRE AND BRING OUT THE BEST in non-academic and academic performers alike.

This approach naturally widens our market of candidates and brings in people who have tremendous potential, yet would have never been given an opportunity to maximize their human capital nor learn and master 21st-century skills.

Non-traditional students thrive at CareerDevs.  Corporate managers and executives often ask us why our graduates work harder than most, are so enthusiastic, full of positive energy, and outperform their peers.

The answer is simple.  They are more grateful than most.   It is not uncommon for CareerDevs graduates to effusively tell us how much we’ve changed their lives.  Most people and organizations go decades without hearing those words.  We hear them all the time.

Changing people’s lives is part of our ethos.  Diversity and Inclusion are natural byproducts of that.  At the same time, it is important that this never becomes a perfunctory nor effort that they are merely symbolic.   Rather, we maintain a high bar when it comes to rigorous, world-class computer science education.

Diversity Initiatives That Succeed

Avoid Tokenism.

By producing software engineers and employees with 21st-Century skills that can truly add value to a corporation, CareerDevs ensures that every candidate, diverse or otherwise have the skills that every hiring manager will be proud of.

Changing The Narrative

Years of societal messaging often projected people of color and women in a less than favorable light.   This narrative changes when corporations avoid tokenism, seek, and find diverse candidates who are qualified, enthusiastic, and perform at a high level.

Hiring diverse candidates really shouldn’t be a “big deal” and when those diverse candidates are rock-stars people will hopefully see them as they should be viewed.  As people.

At CareerDevs, we see a measurable improvement in creativity, innovation, and outcomes that come out of diverse and talented teams.

People of Color and Women Who Add Value

Technically Speaking

Graduates of CareerDevs Computer Science Institute, exceed expectations and are consistently among the top-performing software engineers within any organization.  Our 12-month program is a tour de force immersion in the intellectual enterprises of computer science.   Our graduates are interviewed and hired by leading companies for the following positions:

  • Software Engineer/Software Developer
  • Software Developer Engineer In Test (SDET)
  • DevOps Engineer
  • QA Automation Engineer
  • Software Engineering Manager
  • Product Manager

Our graduates have been hired by Amazon, Amazon Robotics, eMoney Advisor, Virgin Pulse, Fidelity Investments, Infosys, Starburst Labs, 6 River Systems, Cantina, Catch, Circulation, Magellan Jets, Neighborhood Health Care, and many more.

If you or your company is interested in working with CareerDevs as we work to impact the world for good, reach out to us at diversity@careerdevs.com

Digital Transformation

It amazes us to see people who enter CareerDevs working dead-end or low-paying jobs.  As they learn 21st-century skills and then begin to master them, a light turns on in their eyes.  They naturally become more enthusiastic, they begin sharing their newfound talents with their friends, family, and whoever else will listen to them.  Their level of enthusiasm increases.   They begin to embrace emotional intelligence, growth mindsets, self-awareness and selflessness.

By the time they graduate, our students are rooted in thinking about organizational success in terms of innovating and integrating digital technology into all areas of a company, fundamentally changing and advancing how it operates and delivers value.

This is Digital Transformation at its best.  CareerDevs excels at doing this for individuals because at our core we are focused on the individual.  It’s in our DNA.

We can also do this for your organization.  Contact us about our Digital Transformation initiative for your company and watch your employee’s enthusiasm, and output skyrocket.

Digital Transformation: If you or your company is interested in working with CareerDevs as we work to impact the world for good, reach out to us at transformation@careerdevs.com

CareerDevs CS[21] Digital Transformation

Whether we are working with individuals withing cohorts at CareerDevs Computer Science Institute or within your company.  People will become transformed by the renewing of their minds, skills, and human potential.  Listed below are some of the skills that we help people master.








Mongo DB

Google Cloud


MS Azure


Scalable MicroServices


Data Structures

Artificial Intelligence

Internship Opportunities

Career Coaching

Company Visits

Emotional Intelligence

Problem Solving

Creativity Ideation

Agile Methodologies

Design Thinking

And it Shows In Our Results

CareerDevs is Changing The Narrative

Now more than ever, the world needs leaders.  Not just financial, professional, political and corporate leaders, but leaders in humanity.  We are leading the way by helping more graduates (who come from African/Black and Latino/Brown backgrounds) land high-paying jobs as software developers.

We oppose the evil of racism.  Racism is NOT about privilege for one group.  Racism is about the hatred and evil acts perpetrated against any group of people.  Humanity has to do better.  We have to embrace the fact that we are one race and came from the same common ancestors.  CareerDevs is on a mission to enfranchise as many people, communities and neighborhoods as possible.

Click Here to find out more about how we are changing the narrative.

Just a Few of Our Proud Software Engineering Graduates

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