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100% Free – Zero Tuition – Pay Nothing… EVER.

Hmmm… How does this work?  Recently, CareerDevs became the recipient of several sources of funding.  The combined funding from the various funders will cover the entire cost of ALL CareerDevs students.  (As a completely online school with live teachers, our costs are lower than most schools.)

Some of our funders are individual, some are corporate.  We are extremely honored to be the recipient of such great patrons.  If you are interested in a high paying career as a Software Engineer, Salesforce Administrator or Technical Support Representative, enroll today.  This is an opportunity of a lifetime.

High-Paying Jobs in Technology for EVERYONE!

Listed below are just a few of our rockstar graduates. They demonstrate how diversity can be a win-win for any leading organization!

Black, White, Asian, India… we are helping EVERYONE land high-paying jobs in the tech field.

The Most Important Thing To Know

If you don’t land a job, you don’t pay a dime.  Ever!

Would you buy a car, if the car company didn’t guarantee that the car would work? Nearly everything that we purchase today comes with a satisfaction guarantee… Except for education.  99% of post-secondary schools come with a “good luck” guarantee.  CareerDevs Computer Science Institute is different.  We put our money where our mouth is.  We guarantee that every graduate will land a job earning at least $50,000 within six months of graduating (most graduates land jobs earning between $70,000 and $90,000).  If you don’t land that job, you never have to pay us anything.  Ever!

10 to 14 months.  Go at Your Own Pace.

It only takes 10 to 14 months to graduate from CareerDevs Computer Science Institute, Software Engineering program.  In 10 to 14 months, you will learn to write code and be on your way to earning $50,000 to $90,000.  That’s a huge jump in salary without having to spend four years at a traditional college and Institute programs.

If you have practiced coding before, then you may be able to skip to Phase 3 or Phase 4.

If you’ve graduated from college with an associates or bachelors in a technology field, but are unable to get a job, come to CareerDevs and in just four to five months you’ll be all set.

* Keep scrolling down to see all the cool things that you will learn at CareerDevs Computer Science Institute.

Computer Science, What?

Feel intimidated by the thought of doing this?  Don’t.  Anyone can learn to code, and CareerDevs is designed to start you off at the level that is best for you.  In fact, most of our students have ZERO technology or programming background.  Because of that, CareerDevs starts off  S-L-O-W-L-Y.  Phase 1 (The first month) is like an introduction to introductions.  If you don’t know ANYTHING about computer programming, or if you want a refresher, then Phase 1 is the perfect for you.  You will start off learning the Basics Part I.

Master those concepts and then move on to learning the Basics Part II.  Before you know it, you will go around showing all of your friends the the cool new geeky things you can do.  It will feel like 1st Grade all over again.

Our point here is that, CareerDevs isn’t in a rush.  Crawl. Walk.  Run.  Fly.  Your evolution and journey should be natural and never forced.

Accredited by Results!

At CareerDevs, the only opinion that matters to us are the opinions of our graduates who are landing high paying jobs, and the opinions of the companies that are hiring them.   Our results speak for themselves and they are our accreditation!

Don’t buy into the smoke and mirrors spell of traditional colleges and universities.  Most only want to bury you in four years of compounding, interest bearing school loan debt.  After spending four years of your life and after taking on that astronomical debt, there is ZERO guarantee that you will get a job in your field.  How is that accredited?   CareerDevs is happy to be the change that we want to see in the world.

Introducing CareerDevs CS[21]

By the time you graduate, you will have created numerous, real-world, software development capstone projects!  Employers and interviewers will be blown away by how much you’ve learned in one year, and your ability to demonstrate it!








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Google Cloud


MS Azure


Scalable MicroServices


Data Structures

Artificial Intelligence

Internship Opportunities

Career Coaching

Company Visits

Emotional Intelligence

Problem Solving

Creativity Ideation

Agile Methodologies

Design Thinking

And it Shows In Our Results

CareerDevs is Changing The Narrative

Now more than ever, the world needs leaders.  Not just financial, professional, political and corporate leaders, but leaders in humanity.  We are leading the way by helping more graduates (who come from African/Black and Latino/Brown backgrounds) land high-paying jobs as software developers.

We oppose the evil of racism.  Racism is NOT about privilege for one group.  Racism is about the hatred and evil acts perpetrated against any group of people.  Humanity has to do better.  We have to embrace the fact that we are one race and came from the same common ancestors.  CareerDevs is on a mission to enfranchise as many people, communities and neighborhoods as possible.

Click Here to find out more about how we are changing the narrative.

Just a Few of Our Proud Software Engineering Graduates

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