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Coding School In Rhode Island

The demand for full-stack computer programmers and software engineers is at an all-time high, and CareerDevs places more Rhode Islanders in developer jobs than any other educator.

All great Software Engineering and Web Developer careers are built upon the knowledge and mastery of powerful skills. Nine to 12 months within CareerDevs is all you'll need to become in-demand and highly sought after software developer.

Computer Programming

At CareerDevs, our coding classes teach you the programming language that will be in demand for the next ten years. But we also teach you how to learn, which is a quality treasured by all employers.

Problems Solved

Critical thinking and problem solving are at the core of what we teach, and are also at the core of what hiring companies want in a software engineer.

Career Development

We work closely with hiring companies, who help us customize our curriculum, ensuring that CareerDevs graduates have the real-world skills that companies desire. The starting salary range for our students is $60,000 to $80,000.

21st century skills

Are In High Demand

The Best Computer Programing and Coding Classes 
in Rhode Island, Boston & New York

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CareerDevs Computer Science Academy
CareerDevs Computer Science Academy
CareerDevs Computer Science Academy
CareerDevs Computer Science Academy

Learn Full-Stack Web Development and Software Engineering
in Providence, RI

CareerDevs is the leading Full-Stack Web Developer and Software Engineering education program in New England.  You can choose to start at the beginning and learn the basics or jump in at the Intermediate level.  

CareerDevs is better than a three-month coding bootcamp.You will learn highly sought-after skills, gain real-world experience and ultimately be in high-demand by hiring employers. CareerDevs is NOT a bootcamp, we are a world-class Computer Science Academy that takes the time to help you master computer coding skills that will get you the job of your dreams.

cutting edge skilss

What You Will Learn

CareerDevs focuses on a unique, real-world approach to computer programming and computer science education.  You will be knowledgeable and confident in class as well as in your interview.  Three months is NOT enough time to become a software engineer, which is why our program take 9 or 12 months to complete.  By focusing on in-demand, real-world technologies, 
that are relevant to employers, our students are often hired BEFORE they graduate. 

CareerDevs NodeJS Programming Course
CareerDevs jQuery Programming Course
CareerDevs JavaScript Programming Course
CareerDevs React Programming Course
CareerDevs .NET Programming Course
CareerDevs Python Programming Course
CareerDevs BASH Programming Course
CareerDevs MongoDB Programming Course
CareerDevs Cloud9 Programming Course
CareerDevs Java Programming Course
CareerDevs Git Programming Course
CareerDevs Angular Programming Course
And More!

In 9 to 12 Months... or Less

At CareerDevs, we start with the basics.  Over time, you will gradually learn to master computer science, algorithm and data structure design, the growth mindset, full-stack software development, and corporate culture environments.

And then, you will embark on your new career as a developer.

Classes meet four times per week. Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays (Your choice of Morning session or Evening session) and also on Saturday mornings!

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Full-Stack Computer Science Academy

Gain The Skills That Will Get You The Job

  • Innovative CareerDevs Computer Science Academy
  • Starting Salaries of $60,000 to $90,000
  • Up to $30,000 Fully-Funded Scholarship.You Pay $0 - $300 per month.
  • Students pay between $0 - $300 per month.
  • Learn In-Demand Programming Languages & Coding Skills
  • 3 Immersive 4-month semesters


CareerDevs Computer Science Academy

Claude Arnell Milhouse

CEO, Co-Founder - Lead Instructor

“ Selected as one of 2018’s most innovative technology educators in RI, Arnell has over 15 years experience in high-tech working for startups and as a startup entrepreneur. His vision is for CareerDevs to become the most innovative technology academy in the country.”


CareerDevs Computer Science Academy

Clifton Choiniere

CTO, Co-Founder - Lead Instructor

“ Cliff has a deep-rooted interest in rigorous computer science, critical thinking and problem-solving.  He has a yoda-like command on over 10 programming languages.  Cliff is always eager to inspire and pass his wealth of knowledge on to CareerDevs students.”


CareerDevs Computer Science Academy

Reece Franklin

Lead Instructor

“ When Reece was a sophomore in high school, he had developed and launched his own full-fledged social network, which he still runs  This young prodigy brings tremendous skill, real-world insights and an incredible depth of technological concepts to the classroom.”


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