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Learn about Bitcoin and Cryptocurreny?

Should You Invest? How Do You Invest? What is DeFi and The Future of Banking?

How you can make money in cryptocurrency?

Arnell Milhouse is the CEO and Co-founder of CareerDevs Computer Science Institute (One of the most advanced and successful adult learning institutions in the United States).  He is also the Entrepreneur in Residence at Brown University’s Nelson Center for Entrepreneurship.  In addition, Arnell is the CEO and co-founder of www.BlackLivesBiz.com and the creator of the Annual Brooklyn Cryptocurrency and Cybersecurity Hackathon.

You will learn and receive the following during the class:

– What are cryptocurrencies and blockchains?
– How do they work?
– Answers to questions that you have
– Why Arnell believes they could be a great opportunity for Black people and Africa
– How to invest and make money from them
– STEP by STEP instructions on how to invest.
– What are the best exchange websites to use to buy cryptocurrencies?

– Which exchange websites should you stay away from, to avoid getting scammed?
– You will receive a simple and easy to use Google spreadsheet pre-filled with cryptocurrencies that have value as well as a lot of market attention/interest
– You will receive a Google document with a list of current articles with insights about cryptocurrencies and the best websites to visit for news.

A brief look at the evolution of money throughout history

The evolution of money is constant.  Every 500 years or so the concept and definition of money undergoes a major transformation and shift.  Today, we are living in and witnessing one of those seismic shifts in definition and understanding of what money is.

Over time, the evolution of human commerce evolved greatly; 1) from bartering and trading goods to b) the use of rare stones and seashells to c) the use of precious metals such as gold and silver to gold coins, to d) paper money backed by gold to non-backed paper money.

Today, the current revolutionary change in the definition of money is the invention of smart, digital currencies, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, etc.

In this class, you will learn why things are going to heat up significantly over the next 12 months and why countries around the world are going to officially adopt and use cryptocurrencies.

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